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VETUS Around the Engine Program VETUS VETUS – Now a Yanmar company – is offering an expanded menu of engine and engine-related accessories to its dealers through our Around the Engine program.
VETUS Engine Accessories

Hinckley Picnic Boat repowered with Yanmar 8LV diesel engines "It's the best performing picnic boat ever...they got it right."
Jason Smith
Owner, Boat Yard Services

Yanmar engines and Aquadrive anti-vibration systems are a perfect pair. View photos of Yanmar/Aquadrive applications



The beautiful simplicity of Yanmar Saildrives makes it the sensible choice for numerous types of boats. With no problems from leakage, the Saildrive has truly earned its name as a "Safedrive" system. Its dual diaphragm design virtually eliminates leaks. The design also eliminates shaft vibrations as well as noise, alignment and stuffing box problems. The logical power to prop direct drive combines all the advantages of the outdrive-inboard systems and has now been well accepted in boating circles.

Model Kilowatts
Horsepower RPM Weight
1GM10C Saildrive 7 9 3600 104 229
2YM15C Saildrive 10 14 3600 103 227
3YM20C Saildrive 15 21 3600 120 266
3YM30C Saildrive 21 29 3600 157 346
4JH4CE Saildrive 40 55 3000 240 529